Therapeutic communication jane vuong

Part I —Therapeutic Communication Techniques To encourage the expression of feelings and ideas Active Listening— Being attentive to what the client is saying, verbally and non-verbally. Sharing Humor— Contributes to feelings of togetherness, closeness and friendliness.

Write an analysis paper suggested length of 2 pages in which you do the following: She makes extra money by working part-time in the molecular biology laboratory in the university campus research center.

The diagnosis surprised her because she did not show any symptoms. She denies a history of asthma but says that she has some allergies which she generally treats with herbs. She denies drug use but admits to being sexually active. Susan, a regular attendee in the class, brings Jane to the emergency department where you work.

Closed ended questions are also useful particularly when the client is not able to, for one reason or another, formulate more complete feedback and communication to the nurse. Once on supplemental oxygen, she is better able to communicate, and you begin to do a general assessment and take a history.

You note that she is very slender, verging on being underweight. She prefers to eat banh khuc rice ballbanh cuon rolled rice pancakeand pho bo beef and noodle soup. I received a Grade A on my Capstone project. One day while there, she feels a severe tightness in her chest and says she is having difficulty breathing.

These effects are detrimental to the client and their wellbeing as well as the therapeutic nurse-client interactions at the present time and also in the future.

You are able to hear a wheezing sound when she breathes. Explain the rationale behind the adaptions. Jane enjoys working out by doing Quan Khi Dao at the local martial arts school. Susan, a regular attendee in the class, brings Jane to the emergency department where you work. She reports having five sexual partners in the past six months.

False Reassurances False reassurances, like trite comments and giving clients every day advice, are not at all therapeutic. You note that Jane is having trouble speaking, appears anxious, and her lips are dusky. She makes extra money by working part-time in the molecular biology laboratory in the university campus research center.Therapeutic Communication, Safety, & Quality Care.

admin | February 22, Jane Vuong is a Vietnamese 24 year-old single woman who is living in the United States on an academic visa. She has been attending the local university for two years, studying cellular biology as an undergraduate.

Therapeutic Communication: NCLEX-RN

Jane is a straight “A” student and spends. Therapeutic Communication Jane Vuong Therapeutic Communication Jane Vuong, a 24 year old Vietnamese undergraduate student was admitted into the hospital Emergency Department presenting with anxiety, difficulty speaking, breathing and dusky lips following severe chest tightness during an exercise session at the local martial arts school.

On examination she had a wheezing sound when.


Running Head: Therapeutic Communication, Growth, Development, and cultural concepts. Jane’s Medical History Jane Vuong, who is a twenty-four Vietnamese single woman.

Her health status had been fluctuating more often. This paper outlines therapeutic and non-therapeutic communication techniques, with regard to cultural diversity and patients with alternative communication needs. The Communication Process “Communication is an interactive process between two or more persons who send and receive messages to one another”(Varcarolis,p.

). Explain a potential barrier to therapeutic communication with Jane, based on her history and background.

NURSING. Competencies: Therapeutic Communication – The graduate demonstrates therapeutic communication skills necessary to promote patient safety and positive patient outcomes.

Jane Vuong is a year-old single. Therapeutic communication is a process in which we can take; to improve an individual’s understanding in the message we are sending through non-verbal and verbal communication. It comprises the use of detailed approaches that encourage an individual to demonstrate ideas and feelings.

Therapeutic communication jane vuong
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