Torture justified or unjustified

Indeed, it may be that the plaintiffs in this case have legitimate claims. To quote the California State Penal Code state law that covers justifiable homicide: Any form of mistreatment should not be allowed as it results to torture.

Jesus was the victim of a lynch mob who wanted to kill him and didn't care how they did it. There clearly is a place for them in testing our moral intuitions, yet they have been taken too far down the trolley track in contemporary ethical theory.

Thus, if there is no formal declaration of war or the casus belli is not legitimate, all those who engage in the fighting and kill enemy combatants could theoretically be prosecuted. Justified Torture… Informed Americans were not at all surprised and many not even dismayed by reports of torture at the Guantanamo and Abu Gharib prison camps.

However, all the elements do not exist in the real world. Depending on how you think about death, however, you might oppose the death penalty on the grounds that it is disproportionately harsh — perhaps you think that no matter what someone has done, she does not deserve to die for it.

Hellerthe majority held that the Constitution protected the right to the possession of firearms for the purpose of self-defense "and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home".

Of course, incidents of police brutality are rarely caught on camera — the notorious Rodney King episode being one of them. Becoming "more ruthless" will just antagonize them further or encourage them to compete. Harvard University Press, Threats of punishment realign those demands by making it irrational for self-interested individuals to break the law.

UN: Torture is unacceptable, unjustified at all times

We can quibble another time about its parameters. Enemy combatants should be granted a fair hearing and trial when arrested. Does the film try to justify it? The Geneva conventions protect all people in the society including unlawful combatants, enemy combatants and citizens. If a Christian kills someone, no one says that it is because of Christianity.

Esteban Corpio appearing fresh or raw from his police interrogation… On the other hand, police brutality — which often occurs not to prevent crimes but in retaliation against criminal suspects — is never justified!

Nevertheless, it does not take a forensic pathologist to figure out that fellow officers of that murdered detective took out their anger, frustration and embarrassment on Corpio.

Torture encourages mistreatment of people and violates moral values and norms in the society Kamm, Reliable intelligence indicates that an admitted terrorist like Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh has critical information about a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in New York City and FBI agents want to use any means necessary to get it out of him.

Is this really justified?

How Ethical is Torture

On the other hand you might oppose the death penalty on the grounds that it is disproportionately light. As a result, the government changed its policy on torture to permit the use of torture during interrogation of suspected criminal terrorists. Creedy have in common is that they are both about to die.

In obedience to any judgment of a competent Court; or, 2. It just seems like V uses many of the techniques he considers oppressive when used by the government.

The Psychology of the Torturer

Terrorism is attacking the civilians and terrifying them. True, as torture's duration and intensity increase, it is more and more likely to cause lasting physical or psychological damage, as studies have shown. Supreme Court ruling of District of Columbia v.

Let me hasten to concede, however, that not all detainees at Guantanamo and Abu Gharib were are suspected of possessing such critical terror intelligence. According to the ticking bomb scenario, torture can be allowed if it helps get vital information from the enemy.

Also, they should prove that the threat is sufficiently harmful in order to justify torture. Click here to read more. People have linked torture with the ticking bomb scenario.

But for those who think justified torture is an oxymoronic notion, consider the following scenario: Torture infringes human dignity and individual rights to make decisions on how to preserve their dignity. Steinhoff wants to argue that the circumstances that justify torture because of the dire need for life-saving information, such as kidnappings or ticking bombs, are exceedingly rare.

That is precisely what happened in the American case. Well, isn't it conceivable that a terrorist might have congenital analgia, the inability to feel pain, but still feel deeply about his child?Amber Ellis Jessika Griffin Eng. March 23, Torture: Justified or Unjustified?

Is torture justified? Does it make us feel safer? Most Americans would say that it is immoral to torture any human being for any reason. Dec 17,  · Torture is the use of excessive force, often at the cost of treating the tortured as subhuman, that will temporarily or permanently alter a sense of ego, self, and personhood.

Torture is also a violation of US law, and, most would agree, the Bill of Rights (Amendments 5 and certainly 8, with its prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment, would seem to outlaw the. UK Immigration Detention: Prolonged, Inhumane, Unjustified and Undignified Posted on September 11, by alicemuzira Standard On 11 Septemberthe Telegraph reported that on 10 September a House of Commons debate on immigration detention saw MPs from the four main parties in agreement – calling for better conditions in removal.

Even there, 48 percent said torture was at least sometimes justified versus 42 percent who said it was rarely or never justified. If you include the “rarely” crowd with the first group, fully 66 percent say that torture is justified in at least rare occasions.

Majority of Americans think CIA harsh interrogation methods justified

This is an article about Simha the Justified Alien, a character created by SuperSilverXtreme14 on September, 2 "Even if they resent me, even if they tell me things I can't do, even if they fear me, torture me or imprison me, I will help them.

Torture justified or unjustified
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